My name is Kerry Morrison.

Stepping into a new chapter of my life. 

Prepared by past experience heading the Hollywood Entertainment District BID for two decades.   Prepared by a  Stanton Fellowship, years of volunteer participation and leadership of various public and private endeavors addressing homelessness in Los Angeles including LASHA, HHH Citizen’s Oversight Committee, Home for Good Business Leaders Task Force, The Center in Hollywood and Hollywood 4WRD. 

Passionate about working with other LA County leaders to find a new way forward to help people with mental illness move from the streets and jails to home.   Move from boredom to purpose.  Move from despair to hope. 

Inspired by what we’ve learned is possible through the remarkable system that takes care of people in Trieste, Italy;  the “city that cares.”

In March 2019, I spent the month embedded in the mental health system in Trieste, thanks to the kind people in the Dipartimento di Salute Mentale who patiently hosted me and answered all my questions.  This blog starts with that journey but continues on as I return home and share the good news of what is possible with leaders in our city and county, our state and beyond.

In September, I returned to Trieste for the fifth time, to attend the bi-annual international conference.     I was joined by 38 leader from LA County and Sacramento.  After the conference, I travelled to southern Italy and Rome for a week, to learn about programs to address homelessness and mental illness.  

Now that I am home, I will be writing about the work of this most recent “delegazione” to help further the movement to push for a bold mental health pilot in L.A. County. 


In the meantime, here is a link to K. Morrison Bio 2019

I am available to speak about the Trieste model and share what I’ve learned about this remarkable system to your audience.  Here is a link to my Speakers Profile.  

Thank you for your interest in accoglienza.